Welcome to the website of the Kentucky Livestock Coalition!

If you’ve already navigated the site (if not, I encourage you to give browse around) then you know that our mission is to protect and promote the image of Kentucky’s livestock industry through educating consumers and policy makers of the positive contribution that livestock and livestock farmers have on the state.

We are here to provide some facts and encourage dialogue between farmers, communities and state leaders for consumers all across the 120 counties in the Bluegrass state. There’s a lot of information out on the internet these days, and there is no review process to ensure that it’s correct information. Some groups put out incorrect of misleading information about animal agriculture in order to worry consumers about the safety and quality of our food supply. There is no reason to fear your food! Our view is that if you want to talk about your health, ask your doctor. If you need legal counsel, talk to your lawyer. If you want to know more about how food is produced, ASK A FARMER!

Our goal for this website is for it to be an informational directory for animal agriculture in the state of Kentucky. All of the commodity groups and members that are listed are more than willing to hear you out and answer any questions you might have.

Our motto is “Doing what is right for our animals, our environment and our consumers,” and we take that very seriously. Poultry and livestock producers have rigorously high standards for their animals –some are statutory (it’s the law) and many more are self-imposed regulations, frequently referred to as Best Management Practices.

More than 93 percent of farms in the U.S. are family farms, so doing the right thing for the land and the next generation is important to us. We’re very concerned with water quality and air quality. Sustainability is a big buzzword in agriculture right now, and Kentucky’s farmers have been implementing sustainable practices for generations – we just called it “conservation.”

Once again welcome to our site, thank you for visiting and happy browsing.